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About Us

So what's a ReuniCon?

ReuniCon is a day long tabletop gaming event held in Brighton.  It takes place annually and is organised and managed by former members of the University Brighton’s roleplaying society BURPS.

At a ReuniCon RPG Day you can expect to have the opportunity to take part in up to three, four hour long, tabletop roleplaying games. Depending upon the system, and GM preference, games are organised for between three and eight players, characters are all pre-generated. It doesn’t matter whether you are an old hand or a complete newcomer, your experienced games master will guide you through the game introducing rules as necessary ensuring everyone gets to participate fully.

We run wide variety of games from the very familiar to the extremely obscure.   If you  have a favorite game or perhaps there is a system that you have always wanted to try then drop us a line at and we will see what we can do to make it happen for you.  Similarly, if you are interested in running a game at the ReuniCon RPG Day then please get in touch we always love to meet new GMs.

2017 is a real landmark year for the organisers of ReuniCon as it marks thirty years since the  University Of Brighton (formerly Brighton Polytechnic) BURPS Roleplaying Society was founded.  The organisers were all previously members of the society at different times over the intervening years.  As such they are hoping to make this year particularly special with some eighties themed games and a host of old school RPG’s to enjoy.

Having been roleplaying for many years the organisers bring a wealth of gaming knowledge to the event in order to ensure a fun experience for all who attend.

Above all they seek to embrace the original aims of the society; to further promote the RPG hobby and to reinforce the friendly, creative and social aspects of roleplaying.

Roleplaying With Pride, By The Seaside.

Get Ready For An Awesome Day

Brighton is an vibrant, colourful and creative city by the sea. About an hour south of London by train, it’s a popular day-trip destination. Its broad shingle beach is backed by amusement arcades and Regency-era buildings. Brighton Pier, in the central waterfront section, opened in 1899 and now has rides and food kiosks. The town is also known for its nightlife, arts scene, shopping and festivals and is home to the annual ReuniCon RPG Day event.

Is it for me?

Come and meet the team and find out!

Everyone is welcome at a ReuniCon RPG Day, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been roleplaying for thirty years, (like some of us) or whether this is your first ever experience.  Our experienced team are on hand to make sure that you have a great day out, that you play engaging and entertaining games and that you feel welcome and included.  If you’re still not sure then get in touch and we will be happy to answer any queries.

Where & When?

2018 Details to be announced

For the last two years we are delighted to have been able to hold ReuniCon at Brightons premier roleplay gaming venue the Dice Saloon.  The Dice Saloon is a great space for gamers with 2000 square feet dedicated to all forms of table top games.  With good quality food and drink available in the cafe, the team at Dice Saloon are committed to facilitating gamers needs. Whilst the Dice Saloon store stocks all of the games and accessories you could want at competitive prices.

Dice Saloon can be found at:

First Floor, Vantage Point. New England Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 4GW

The Important Things

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If you have a question about ReuniCon which is not answered here, then please use the contact form on this page and one of our little elves will get back to you as soon as possible.

The FAQs ma'am, just the FAQs

Everything you need to know

If you have a question not answered here please do use the contact form at the foot of this page to drop us a line – our minions are waiting to bring us your messages and we will do our very best to answer your query as quickly as possible.

The games played at ReuniCon are tabletop roleplaying games.  One definition of a roleplaying game is “a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Players take responsibility for acting out these roles within a narrative”.  Others would more simply describe such games as “interactive storytelling”.  The most important thing to know is that roleplaying is a social event, it involves a group of people interacting and working together to achieve a specific goal.  It can be stimulating, thought-provoking, exciting and humorous.  There is a great article here which describes what a roleplaying game is.  Come and try it for yourself!


Quite simply it doesn’t matter the slightest bit.  If you like stories, can be a little creative and want to meet some genuinely nice people, then just come along and give it a try.  You’ll be hooked in no time!

No, not really. One of the best things about  tabletop roleplaying is that all you really need is a bit if imagination.  ReuniCon events are meant to be accessible by anyone, and we will have everything you need to easily and quickly join in the games.

Well, assuming a European Swallow and if we settle on an intermediate Strouhal value of 0.3: We can estimate the airspeed of the Swallow to be roughly 11 meters per second, (15 beats per second * 0.73 meters per beat).

Whilst roleplaying is a hobby that caters for all ages and we would certainly never dissuade anyone from involving their kids, we can only permit under sixteens who are accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.  It is also important to recognise that not all of the games that will be being played are suitable for children, some deal with mature and adult themes and the gameplay takes place in an open space.

If you are interested in bringing an under sixteen along to ReuniCon please contact us first and we will be able to advise you of what games are suitable and when they will be run.  Please note that we do not offer any child concessions on tickets.

Even if you decide not to attend with your child we can offer good advice on family friendly roleplay gaming and are always happy to talk to anyone interested in our hobby.

Sigh…  We hear this a lot.  Whilst Dungeons and Dragons was a key game in establishing the popularity of tabletop roleplaying when it was published in the mid 70’s there is a lot more to the hobby these days.  If you aren’t into that kind of fantasy setting there are many others genres of game to choose from.  Its also not always about fighting monsters (although you might be surprised how much you enjoy that), there are many games which are about solving puzzles or mysteries, some focus on the collaborative storytelling, others are pure escapism.  Whether you want high adventure, space operas, gothic horror, victorian steampunk, superheros, time travel or something else entirely there is a roleplay game for you.

I guarantee that you wouldn’t be.  But why should you take my word for it?  Well, firstly everyone at a ReuniCon event has been in that position at some time, we all had a first game.  I was into roleplaying at university, I knew *literally* no one, but I made friendships there that have totally laughed in the face of Father Time.  If you are new to tabletop roleplaying, take a deep breath and on the day introduce yourself to Cameron, Matt or Derek – we will be easy to find – we will make sure you play games that give you a real flavor for the hobby, we will also ensure you are introduced to some friendly faces who want to help you have a good day.  If you use the contact form on this page to let us know that you are coming along and you are a bit unsure, then we can try and answer any queries you might have before hand and we will even be on the lookout for you on the day.  Give us a try I promise you won’t regret it.

Well thats just brilliant – we are always on the lookout for GM’s – whether they represent an official group (Pathfinder Society, Cult of Chaos, etc), are game writers/designers, or just want to run a  game for a bunch of strangers…  Get in touch using the contact form on this page – we will be in touch via email quicker than you can change your mind – and then we will arrange to give you a call or meet up and work out what you would like to run, what time slot, whether you want to take advance reservations for your game and so on.  Get in touch – we love meeting new GM’s.  This year anyone who GM’s a game gets free admission, so you can run one game and still play in the other slots saving the price of admission.

We are still finalising details for 2018 – but in general we aim to have everyone checked in and organised by 10:30 with games starting shortly after.  We have three gaming slots through the day: morning, afternoon and evening of about four hours each.  In each slot there will be a number of games being run, with lots to choose from you are sure to find something that appeals to you.  Finally we will wrap up at around 11pm.

Details for 2018 are still being finalised, in previous years we have arranged a pre-booking system, and will consider whether to do so again.


Use the form below to contact us, or if you prefer email us directly at:

Please do get in touch with any queries that you may have and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.  We hope to see you in Brighton on 2nd September for an awesome day of tabletop games.
BURPS ReuniCon 2017

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