Code of Conduct For ReuniCon Events

We here at BURPS ReuniCon get along with everyone. We expect you to do the same while attending our event. Remember, our hobby is all about having fun and being inclusive. Disrespect and intolerance have no place at a ReuniCon event.

Attendees at a ReuniCon event are expected to:

  • behave in a courteous manner.
  • be friendly and fun at all times.
  • be punctual to all events, don’t keep other attendees waiting.
  • be polite and courteous when dealing with fellow gamers, venue staff, and members of the ReuniCon team.
  • never harass, discriminate against, or insult anybody.
  • avoid using inappropriate language or otherwise insulting those around them.
  • adhere to any rules or codes of conduct for the specific venue in which the event is being hosted.

Anti-harassment Policy for the ReuniCon RPG Day

Harassment of the GM, players, spectators, or anyone else, is not tolerated at a ReuniCon event. If you are harassed at a ReuniCon event, find an event coordinator immediately and report it.  They will deal with your complaint fully and fairly; we take any kind of discriminatory or offensive behavior very seriously. if you disagree with how a GM or event organizer implemented or enforced this policy at an event, please contact Derek Mayne or Cameron Paine at Please be specific about who, what, where, and when. We will investigate and take appropriate actions.

You don’t have to keep playing with somebody who’s harassing, belittling, insulting, or offending others. If someone at a ReuniCon event is violating this policy, the organizers will take any action that they decide is necessary to stop the harassment – ranging from a simple warning to removal from the game or event. If it’s necessary to resolve the situation, the organizers will liaise with law enforcement.

Final Note

GM’s at a ReuniCon RPG Day event are all volunteers and are not employees nor do they receive any remuneration – beyond our immense gratitude – for their efforts. Please show them the respect that they deserve.

ReuniCon | Code of Conduct For ReuniCon Events