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What sort of games take place at a ReuniCon?
The games played at ReuniCon are tabletop roleplaying games. One definition of a roleplaying game is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Players take responsibility for acting out these roles within a narrative. Others would more simply describe such games as “interactive storytelling”. The most important thing to know is that roleplaying is a social event, it involves a group of people interacting and working together to achieve a specific goal. It can be stimulating, thought-provoking, exciting and humorous. There is a great article here which describes what a roleplaying game is.

Come and try it for yourself!
I've never played before, does that matter?

Quite simply, it doesn’t matter the slightest bit. If you like stories, can be a little creative, and want to meet some genuinely nice people, then just come along and give it a try. You’ll be hooked in no time!
Do I need to bring anything with me?
No, not really. One of the best things about tabletop roleplaying is that all you really need is a bit of imagination. If you happen to have paper, pencil and a set of polyhedral dice then you would be more than fully equipped, but its not necessary. ReuniCon events are meant to be accessible to everyone, and we will have everything you need to easily and quickly join in the games.
Is the event suitable for children (under sixteens?)
Whilst roleplaying is a hobby that caters for all ages, and we would certainly never dissuade anyone from involving their kids, we can only permit players under 16 who are accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. It is also important to recognise that not all of the games that will be being played are suitable for children, as some deal with mature and adult themes and the gameplay takes place in an open space.

If you are interested in bringing an under 16 along to ReuniCon please contact us first and we will be able to advise you of what games are suitable and when they will be run. Please note that we do not offer any child concessions on tickets.

Even if you decide not to attend with your child, we can offer good advice on family friendly roleplay gaming and are always happy to talk to anyone interested in our hobby.
So it's basically Dungeons and Dragons then?
Sigh… We hear this a lot. Whilst Dungeons and Dragons was a key game in establishing the popularity of tabletop roleplaying when it was published in the mid 70’s, there is a lot more to the hobby these days. If you aren’t into that kind of fantasy setting there are many other genres of game to choose from. It's also not always about fighting monsters (although you might be surprised how much you enjoy that), there are many games which are about solving puzzles or mysteries. Some focus on the collaborative storytelling, and others are pure escapism. Whether you want high adventure, space operas, gothic horror, victorian steampunk, superheros, time travel, or something else entirely, there is a roleplaying game for you.
I don't know anyone else and I think I'd be too self conscious...
I guarantee that you wouldn’t be. But why should you take my word for it? Well, firstly everyone at a ReuniCon event has been in that position at some time: we all had a first game. I was into roleplaying at university, I knew *literally* no one, but I made friendships there that have totally laughed in the face of Father Time. If you are new to tabletop roleplaying, take a deep breath and on the day introduce yourself to Cameron, Matt or Derek – we will be easy to find – and we will make sure you play games that give you a real flavour for the hobby. We will also ensure you are introduced to some friendly faces who want to help you have a good day. If you use the contact form on this site to let us know that you are coming along and you are a bit unsure, then we can try and answer any queries you might have before hand. We can even be on the lookout for you on the day. Give us a try - I promise you won’t regret it.
I'm an experienced GM and I'd like to run a game at ReuniCon.
Brilliant! We are always on the lookout for GM’s, whether they represent an official group (Pathfinder Society, Cult of Chaos, etc), are game writers/designers, or just want to run a game for a bunch of strangers. Get in touch using the contact form – we will get back to you via email quicker than you can change your mind – and then we will arrange to give you a call or meet up and work out what you would like to run, what time slot, whether you want to take advance reservations for your game, and so on. Do get in touch – we love meeting new GM’s.
What time does it start? And end?
The day gets underway at 10:30 with games starting shortly after. We have three gaming slots through the day (morning, afternoon and evening) of about four hours each. In each slot there will be a number of games being run, with lots to choose from, you are sure to find something that appeals to you. We will wrap up for 11pm.
Can I book a place on my favorite game?
Game bookings are not yet available - please watch this space for updates.

There is never a charge for reserving a place on a game. However, bookings are only ever available to players that have already purchased tickets for the event – when making a reservation you will be asked to enter your Dice Saloon order reference, which you will find on your order confirmation email. You will also be asked to provide the player name, this is especially important if you are booking for a friend or partner.

Not all games will be bookable in advance, some games will only be bookable in person on the day. Games start promptly, so if you reserve a slot and are not present for the start of the game, your place may be given to someone on a wait list.
Do you have a Code of Conduct?
At BURPS ReuniCon, we get along with everyone. We expect you to do the same while attending our event. Remember, our hobby is all about having fun and being inclusive. Disrespect and intolerance have no place at a ReuniCon event.

Attendees at a ReuniCon event are expected to:

  • behave in a courteous manner.
  • be friendly and fun at all times.
  • be punctual to all events: don’t keep other attendees waiting.
  • be polite and courteous when dealing with fellow gamers, venue staff, and members of the ReuniCon team.
  • never harass, discriminate against, or insult anybody.
  • avoid using inappropriate language or otherwise insulting those around them.
  • adhere to any rules or codes of conduct for the specific venue in which the event is being hosted.

Harassment of the GM, players, spectators, or anyone else, is not tolerated at a ReuniCon event. If you are harassed at a ReuniCon event, find an event coordinator immediately and report it. They will deal with your complaint fully and fairly; we take any kind of discriminatory or offensive behaviour very seriously. if you disagree with how a GM or event organiser implemented or enforced this policy at an event, please contact Derek Mayne or Cameron Paine at Please be specific about who, what, where, and when. We will investigate and take appropriate actions.

You don’t have to keep playing with somebody who’s harassing, belittling, insulting, or offending others. If someone at a ReuniCon event is violating this policy, the organisers will take any action that they decide is necessary to stop the harassment – ranging from a simple warning to removal from the game or event. If it’s necessary to resolve the situation, the organisers will liaise with law enforcement.

Final Note
GM’s at a ReuniCon RPG Day event are all volunteers and are not employees. They do not receive any remuneration – beyond our immense gratitude – for their efforts. Please show them the respect that they deserve.
I filled in your contact form - what's your privacy policy?
Protecting your privacy is our priority. This section explains how any personal information we collect through this website ( will be treated. Since we're not lawyers, we’ll provide this information as simply and concisely as we can.

Who are we?
ReuniCon is a semi-annual roleplay games event held in Brighton, East Sussex, UK. It is a totally non-profit making activity and this website is used solely to promote the event. The organisers of ReuniCon are private UK individuals who give up their own time to organise the event and who receive no remuneration for their services.

What information do we capture and where does it go?
We only capture information provided by you and sent through the contact form on this website. This data is transmitted via email to a secure email address, access to which is restricted and password protected. This website and the email server receiving this information are hosted near Gloucester in the UK.

We do not employ any third party services, or use tracking cookies, to collect information about visitors to the website ( In 2019 tickets for the event were serviced through the venue, Dice Saloon. Information provided to book event tickets is subject to their privacy policy which you may find here Dice Saloon Privacy Policy. In 2019 we also made use of the ticketing service Eventbrite to manage the booking of game slots for the day's activities. Eventbrite has its own privacy policy which you may find here Eventbrite Privacy Policy

How long do we keep your information?
We don’t set a particular time limit on storing information received through the contact form on our site as we cannot guarantee how quickly we will be able to respond to your enquiry. We are likely to retain your data until we are happy that your enquiry has been satisfied. Our guarantee to you is that emails generated via the contact form on this site are not retained any longer than is necessary in order to respond to your enquiry.

Do we share your information with other parties?
No, we do not share your information collected through the contact form on our site with any other parties.

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